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【配送について about delivery】
The delivery method is scheduled for simple registered mail (with tracking and guarantee) of non-standard-size mail, but may be changed without notice. Overseas shipping will be handled by EMS. Overseas shipping is charged separately. Please contact us for details.

【納期について about the date of delivery 】
We will ship your item within one week of your order.Order production and repairs are waiting for two weeks from order to shipment. Please contact us if you are in a hurry or want to check the exact delivery date because it may fluctuate.

【返品について about returns】
Returned items are limited to those initially defective within 2 weeks after receipt of the product. Replacement with a new one, or in the case of a single item, repairs may be available. Please attach a picture that shows the condition and contact us from "CONTACT" on the homepage.

【受注生産、修理について about made to order and repair】
We will also support maintenance and ordering (for example, we have lost one ear because of ear decoration etc. I want you to make only one ear. If there is such a color of this shape, etc.), we will also respond. For repairs, please attach a picture that shows the current situation (in the case of an example, a picture of the one at hand) and contact us from "CONTACT" on the website.

【全商品についてのご注意点 Notes on all products】
・Most of the steps are manual work, so each one has a different shape. Please note that in the case of build-to-order and orders, there may be differences from the original.
・ Because some works have sharp tips, please be careful when handling them.
・ Texture may be impaired by ultraviolet rays, sweat, moisture, heat, etc. We recommend that you use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt after use in order to use the product as clean as possible.
・ Please use it after understanding that it is a delicate work.
・The earring's silicon cover is just covered with the metal fittings. Please be careful not to be lost when wearing.
・Depending on the constitution, itching and rash may occur. If you notice any abnormality on your skin, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.
・ Because it is posted on another site, it may be out of stock due to misplacement. Depending on the environment where you look at the photos, the color of the work itself may look different.

【液体入りの商品について About products using liquids】
Those that use plants are filled with uncolored real plants that have been harvested and dried by themselves to enjoy the natural colors of the plants. Please understand that discoloration of the liquid may occur over time.n particular, plants have individual differences in shape and color. Please note that there may be differences between the photos and the actual product.nside we use mineral oil. Should it get on your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately. Acrylic balls become soft and easily deformed at high temperatures.

【紫外線防止加工について About UV protection】
This is a process for coating the surface to protect the product from changes due to ultraviolet rays. It may come off or melt due to high temperature and humidity. In that case, it can be wiped off with a remover or alcohol.f it is peeled off or wiped off with a thick liquid, the body will become dull, but we can accept requests for rework. Contact us using the same procedure as for 【about Repair】.

【silverの商品について about products of silver 】
Silver reacts to oxygen in the air, causing darkening, and the reaction of sulfur components such as sweat and oil from the human body to yellowing and dirt. This is a silver-specific change, not due to purity or quality. Also, avoid wearing in hot springs that contain sulfur components. Due to the above-mentioned scientific reaction, it turns black widely.When storing, put it in a plastic bag or can and do not expose it to air as much as possible. After use, the change can be eased by cleaning with a soft cloth.If the stains are noticeable, you can get them back with a special cleaning solution or brush with a toothpaste abrasive.

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